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What is Matter

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What is Matter, 2008


My journey of making paintings has been about traversing paths, both exterior and interior. My concerns have led me to create a psychological intellectual space through an exploration found in quantum physics. Fundamental to my process and thoughts has been the concept of the whole hole ([w]hole), the notion of completeness in emptiness.

Over the years, my work evolves and moves in and out of physical space, from paintings to sculpture and installation. Exploring the relationship of self and my surroundings, I discover displacement. It is this feeling of displacement that pushes me forward, challenges my thoughts and creates visual form. What is Matter is more of an exploration of the physicalness of life. Memories of which we hold on to that no longer serve us, that then get recorded and stored in our cells or expelled.

This series has a false whimsical, light appearance. However, when looked at closer, the viewer will discover anxiety, tension and incompleteness. The path evokes a nervous energy that serves as a reminder of the temporal qualities of life: time wasted, as well as the pace of daily life. They are about unsuccessful systems and foundations that are breaking down, screens of information, something lacking cohesion...a lie.

-- Dana Roes, 2008